In average German employees work 41,2 hours a week, being on the 7th position of the most working Europeans. We know that from a study of the EU agency for improvement of life and work conditions in Dublin (2008). Following that study the Germans have the most of holiday in comparison to other countries in the EU. For giving more chances to foreigners entering the German employment market the German Federal Government under the leadership of chancellor Angela Merkel has adopted some measures.
If you have successfully finished your studies here you can stay in Germany for further 18 months for looking for a job. In comparison: In France this is just possible for 6 months. For foreign college graduates with a foreign degree there has been initiated a new right of residence. They are now allowed to come to Germany for six months for seeking a job, if their alimentation is backed. Besides a Blue Card Germany has been established for simplifying the complicated bureaucratic procedure for a candidacy for a right of residence.

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Blue Card

Blue Card

Blue Card Germany is a right of residence, thus a document about the legal residence of a citizen of a third country for the purpose of working in the EU. For members of EU states there is free movement concerning their stay.

When can you request a Blue Card?
A citizen of a Non-EU-country can request a Blue Card if he is in possession of:
a) either a German diploma or a recognized foreign or comparable a to a German college degree
b) an employment agreement with an annual gross pay about at least 46.400 Euro (3.867 per month), in so-called shortage occupations (natural scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors and IT professionals) in altitude of 36.192 Euro (3.016 Euro per month).

Central direction is § 19a Aufenthaltsgesetz (residence law) – Blue Card EU.

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Residence permit

Residence permit for job search for skilled professionals

If professionals have a German or a comparable international college degree, they can get a residence permit, which is temporary for six months. But with that they are not allowed to work here.

For gaining the residence permit you have to request a visa in your home country before immigrating into Germany. In Germany you have to request a residence permit by writing at the foreigners’ registration office before expiring your visa. The foreigners’ registration office is according to residence, municipality or country council respectively administrative district office.


Permanent residency

Permanent residency

Since 2005 the Permanent residency was introduced, specialists and leading employees with special job experience and at least 48.000 Euro of gross annual income can get a permanent residence permit from the beginning.
For scientists, teaching staff and scientific employees in leading position this can totally be cancelled. Even international students can gain a settlement permit if they accomplish the conditions.

The Permanent residency has to be requested by writing at your local foreigners’ registration office.



Scientists with special skills

“Scientists with special skills” like teaching staff and scientific employees in “higher positions” can gain an unlimited settlement permit when it may be accepted that integration and livelihood can be handled alone (§ 19 AufenthG).

There are more possibilities for scientific projects and autonomous activities (§ 20, § 21 AufenthG).


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