• steffenek

    Whereas the situation on the job market in other EU Member States seems nearly hopeless, Germany offers young high-professionals jobs under comparatively excellent circumstances. That’s way it is really worth it to stay here for studying and the time after. In my second academic year I decided to pass an ERASMUS semester in Berlin. Because I liked it very much and because I could gain lots of experience, I stayed.

    Steffenek, 25 years old

  • thumai

    I am convinced that young qualified people need to have the chance to gain experience and knowledge. Because of its diversity, Germany offers them many opportunities to develop either in career terms or privately. Internationality in politics, economy or society creates space for innovation and enlargens our horizon.

    Thu Mai, 21 years old

  • ebru

    My parents originally are from Macedonia. In Germany I first realized what it means to have all opportunities to completely unfurl. That’s why I say: Stay! Germany is in possession of the seal of quality “Made in Germany” which reaches and impresses the whole world. This is also one of the reasons why I want to become a teacher in Germany, and why I want to stay.

    Ebru, 24 years old

  • stanislav

    I’m from Bulgaria. Since 2007 Bulgaria has been participating in the “Schengen Convention”. I use the licence to travel abroad to learn something about the other countries and cultures. Although I have seen lots of different countries, I decided to study in Germany. Round here you get a first-class education, the tuition fees are ten times lower than in the USA or England, and the country is well-ordered. Additionally the Germans are very kind and reliable. They give me the feeling of being at home.

    Stanislav, 24 years old

  • silvie

    I belong to my family’s second generation that lives in Germany. Because of my two nationalities I belong to Germany just as to Ghana. Although my father wants to return to Ghana after about 30 years, I decided for myself to carry on working as a journalist in Germany and to get involved. I want to support the dialogue between the different cultures and to make a contribution to reducing prejudices.

    Silvie, 22 years old

  • dimitri

    In the meantime I have been graduated as Master of Science in Germany. I currently applied for some big companies and hope to start in a new position soon. The chances are quite good because academics are always in great demand. As soon as I am employed, I will apply for a Blue Card to work in Germany on the long run.

    Dimitri, 23 years old


in Germany

in Germany