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Germany is a federal parliamentary republic, consisting of 16 states. The capital is Berlin. The official language is German. The country is a founding member of the European Union. With 80.3 million inhabitants, it is the most populous member state in the European Union. It is a progressive and open-minded country. About 6.7 million foreigners from more than 190 nations currently live in Germany. This is about 8.2% of the total population. There is a plurality of lifestyles in the German society. The forms of coexistence are becoming more diverse. The family remains the most important and most powerful social group. In international comparison, a high level of education and an above-average standard of living characterizes the population.

Subsequently, it is the second largest exporter and third largest importer of goods. Due to the immense trade export, Germany is often referred to with the word “export world champion”.


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